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you know the problem? You want to teach somebody how to program in 
Pascal, so you start with simple line oriented programs. And then you 
get the answer "Pascal is boring, because you can only write old DOS 
programs with it" (Yes, some even call them "DOS programs", although 
they run under GNU/Linux).

So for those who want to teach Pascal my project AKFAvatar might be a 
solution. You can take any Pascal program, which uses only the standard 
input/output and compile it into a funny graphical program with no extra 
effort (apart from the first installation). Yes, there is no need to 
make any changes to the program, just use a wrapper-script to compile 
your program to use my library. (The program may not use the CRT unit or 
any other nonstandard output facility)

If you want to make use of more features, you can leave the script away 
and include the unit with "uses avatar;". There are some funny 
additional procedures to use. For example you can show image files, or 
play audio files... So programming with it is fun, but still easy 
enough for beginners.

Please have a look at it:

It is still alpha and almost only tested under GNU/Linux so far.

Please tell me what you think about it.

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