Andreas K. Foerster list at akfoerster.de
Fri Aug 17 09:17:58 CEST 2007

Am Thursday, dem 16. Aug 2007 schrieb Adriaan van Os:

> >So for those who want to teach Pascal my project AKFAvatar might be a 
> >solution. You can take any Pascal program, which uses only the standard 
> >input/output and compile it into a funny graphical program with no extra 
> >effort (apart from the first installation). Yes, there is no need to 
> >make any changes to the program, just use a wrapper-script to compile 
> >your program to use my library. (The program may not use the CRT unit or 
> >any other nonstandard output facility)
> The same mistake was made in teaching mathematics the-modern-way, with much 
> graphics and much less exact reasoning nor proofs-of-correctness.
> This is all bullsh..., I mean nonsense. Programming, like mathematics, *is* 
> about exact reasoning and it *is* about abstract thinking. The task of 
> teachers is to lead pupils into this new world and to bring young people to 
> spiritual maturity. It is *not* the task of teachers to succumb to the 
> first shallow prejuduce, like whether something yet unknown is "boring" or 
> not.

I think you misunderstand what my unit does. It does not make programming
any easier, it doesn't even try!
You still start writing line oriented programs as you would do without.
Using my unit just makes them look a lot better and more interesting for
beginners. The programs can be the same, as you would write without it.


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