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In gmane.comp.compilers.gpc, you wrote:
>> your program to use my library. (The program may not use the CRT unit or 
>> any other nonstandard output facility)
> The same mistake was made in teaching mathematics the-modern-way, with
> much graphics and much less exact reasoning nor proofs-of-correctness.
> Well, indeed in a democratic society the Pythogorean Theorem
> <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pythagorean_theorem> should no longer be
> proofed, which is dictatorial, or even be thought about, which is
> elitarian, but decided on by voting ....
> This is all bullsh..., I mean nonsense. Programming, like mathematics,
> *is* about exact reasoning and it *is* about abstract thinking. The task
> of teachers is to lead pupils into this new world and to bring young
> people to spiritual maturity. It is *not* the task of teachers to succumb
> to the first shallow prejuduce, like whether something yet unknown is
> "boring" or not.

I talked a bit with teachers on the FPC booth at Systems 2005, and I got a
different feeling;

Teachers have had a love for the consoles tools because their simplicity
somewhat put a brake on the time being spent in e.g. form designers making
blinkenlightes with buttons and the like. (and because they are generally
too lazy to re-setup their courses) However slowly that is becoming a problem because
current students seem to miss any feel for the textconsole at all, having
never used Dos. It is simply not a common skill anymore.

And yes, that is not a really hard skill to teach, but every course day lost
also detracts from the real objective of the course.

The consensus seemed to be that a simple IDE maybe integrated with a lib to
do some minimal work (few textfields/memo's input, a few output ones) would
be the best.

IOW one should separate "old and simple" and the real issue "can't be
abused" here.

Anyway, TP is probably still too free for a CS practicum, though the skills
to exploit it may have decreased in new students A cut down compiler,IDE and
lib that can't do anything communicating with the outside world except this
special lib would be best.

So one of the open source compilers, cut down and an IDE (Bloodshed?). Main
problem probably: the debugger.

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