Keyword definitions in the gpc compiler

Markus Gerwinski markus at
Thu Dec 6 18:33:17 CET 2007

Hi Folks,

can someone please point me to the file(s) with the definitions of the GPC

I would like to attempt some changes to the compiler, that would require the
introduction of new keywords. ("try", "except", "finally" and "property", to be
specific.) So I grepped the p-directory for "object", "abstract" and some other
common keywords, but didn't find the definitions, neither in the parser.y file,
nor in any of the .c or .h files.

Since this is my very first attempt to modify the compiler itself, I would also
appreciate any input (beyond section 12 of the GPC Manual) and examples on the
how-tos: Which files to modify, how to correctly invoke Bison etc.



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