Assignment of cstrings passed to C routine

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Sat Dec 22 21:02:39 CET 2007

I'm trying to call a C routine from a pascal program, and pass string data
back and forth.  I can call it, I can pass integers back and forth ( thanks
to Frank H ), but I can't pass strings.  Attempts to assign data to a
cstring either result in segmentation errors or garbage in the string.

The following is the C routine:

#include <stdio.h>

char c_str[13];

void c_print_str()
  printf ("Now in C routine called from Pascal code.\n");
  printf ("string is %s.\n", c_str);
  fflush (stdout); /* So the text really appears now. */

The following is the pascal program:

program str_trans(input);

This is an attempt to pass a string from a pascal program to a c function.
The corresponding c code is in str_trans.c
It is compiled with gpc --automake --unit-path=/home/x/pas str_trans.pas -o

{$L str_trans.c}

procedure c_print_str; asmname 'c_print_str';

  char_ptr: ^char;
  c_str: cstring; asmname 'c_str'; external;


  new( char_ptr );
  char_ptr^ := 'x';
  writeln( char_ptr^ );
  flush( output );

  c_str := char_ptr;

  writeln( 'calling c function' );

As shown, it ends up with garbage in c_str.  If I change the value of
char_ptr^, the garbage changes.

If I try simple assignment in the pascal program, such as
c_str := 'x';
c_str[3] := 'x';
c_str^ := char_ptr^
it compiles ok, but generates run-time segmentation errors.

So, the ideal help would be if someone could explain to me how to assign to
c_str.  If not, does anyone know how to pass string data between C and
Pascal programs in some other manner?

Thanks, and happy solstace to all!

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