CRT unit and UTF-8 displays

Andreas K. Foerster list at
Thu Feb 15 11:42:25 CET 2007


there is some trouble when the display is set to UTF-8 and my program uses 
the CRT unit. Some characters are just shown as several spaces or even 
scramble the display. 

For example I cannot use the german letter sharp s #$C3#$9F (U+00DF)
or german quotation marks #$E2#$80#$9E ... #$E2#$80#$9C (U+201E ... U+201C).

It works fine without the CRT unit.
Also when I use FreePascal it is all right.

I've tried to use the command "SetPCCharset(false);", but that didn't help.
Is there anything else I could try?


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