Internal compiler error

Pascal Viandier pviandie at
Tue May 22 20:43:07 CEST 2007

Hi gpc masters,

I think I found a bug in gpc.

I use gpc 20051116 based on gcc3.4.4 on Sparc Solaris 10.
It gives:
Internal compiler error: Segmentation Fault
when compiling the following code:

Module Test1 Interface;
Export Test1 = All;

  String200 = String(200);
Function TranlateString(S : String200) : String200;


Module Test1 Implementation;

Function TranlateString(S : String) : String200;

End;  { TranlateString }


The error is: the type of the function parameter does not match in the
interface and implementation sections.

Interesting enough, if I reverse the error (that is, put 'String' in the
Interface and 'String200' in the Implementation) I get the right error
message: 'Routine definition does not match previous declaration'.

Kind Regards.

Pascal Viandier

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