Port of Knuth's WEB to latest unstable release of GPC

FL lengyel at gmail.com
Thu May 31 22:26:56 CEST 2007


I was unable to locate change files for Knuth's original TANGLE and CWEAVE
programs on CTAN, so I've written a port of the system for the gpc version

I reverted the file I/O in Knuth's code that he ported to C back to GNU
I might have preserved Knuth's I/O routines in C, except that GNU Pascal
changed the way it makes file structures available to the programmer since
Knuth wrote his port (around 2000). The GNU PASCAL function GetFile() might
have been used to pass a C-style FILE pointer to this code, but GetFile() is
longer availble. In its place, GNU PASCAL provides a BindingType data
and related functions; these might have been usable if they had provided a
valid file descriptor, but on my Debian Linux system, the value of
is always -1 (if I may abuse the PASCAL language by referring to a variable
BindingType by its type).

Am I mistaken about this?


P.S. I've made the change files, the mysterious GPCtypes.h file and a
tangext.c file available at

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