About Timing Functions and Inline Assembly

pascaltomath at yahoo.fr pascaltomath at yahoo.fr
Fri Nov 16 17:54:29 CET 2007

 Dear Kevan;

 Of course I do not know what scientific projects you are working on, but I guess that you also, you can probably use for your goals the "Inline Assembly" for Timing.

 As you know very well, with the Assembly opcode, or, with the Hex code, you can easily get the the timing in nanosecond unit.

 I use it for profiling my codings [for testing my: -vectorization, -pipelining, -unrolling, -overlapping, -recurrence processes], and, it proves itself very useful.

 And please, as you are a physicist, would you like not to forget to tell us if; according to the quantum physics laws, we in fact are living truly in a bi-dimensional holographic universe.


 Kadir T.


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