Building shared objects with GP

Adriaan van Os gpc at
Tue Feb 12 17:46:56 CET 2008

Pascal Viandier wrote:
> Hi GPC crew,
> I am trying to build shared objects with gp on SUN Sparc Solaris 10
> using gpc 20070904 based on gcc-4.1.2.
> I tried many options of gp with no success.
> It looks like gp does not pass the --shared and -fPIC command line
> options to gpc so it produces only regular objects.
> So, is there a way to benefit from gp's great features to generate
> shared objects?

I can't speak for Solaris, but on Mac OS X it works. Note that you have to build libgpc.a as 
position independent code also, unless it's the default on the platform (like it is on Mac OS X).


Adriaan van Os

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