Problem porting to Mac OS-X

Martin Liddle gpc at
Thu Jan 10 16:13:14 CET 2008

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>crt1.o is in /usr/lib, or, more general, the result of `gpc 
>[p17-2:~] adriaan% gpc -print-file-name=crt1.o
>However, linking-in crt1.o should normally happen automatically. What 
>exactly are you doing to compile and link ? On what version of OS X ? 
Thanks for the help.  Let me explain a little more; I am a reasonably 
experienced Pascal programmer but know nothing of the Apple Mac.  I am 
doing this for free as a small service to the user group for the Humax 
9200 PVR.  The particular computer in question is my step daughters who 
knows nothing of software development (but everything about fashion 
design) hence it may well not have the appropriate components installed. 
The operating system is 10.3 (if you can tell me how to determine the 
exact version, I will happily do that) There is no file crt1.o in 
/usr/lib; what package do I need to install to obtain it?  So far the 
only thing I have installed is gpc from your site.  I have been using

gpc --automake flash9200

which under Linux will compile and link.  Thanks again for your 
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