Problem porting to Mac OS-X

Adriaan van Os gpc at
Thu Jan 10 18:07:33 CET 2008

Martin Liddle wrote:

> The operating system is 10.3 (if you can tell me how to determine the 
> exact version, I will happily do that) There is no file crt1.o in 
> /usr/lib; what package do I need to install to obtain it?  So far the 
> only thing I have installed is gpc from your site.  I have been using
> gpc --automake flash9200
> which under Linux will compile and link.  Thanks again for your interest.

Ah, but since you do seem to have a linker and assembler installed, I assume you are using those 
from my website ? Anyway, the solution to your problem I think is to install the "Xcode" packages 
that came with the OS X 10.3 system software. Note that older versions of Xcode used to be called 
ProjectBuilder, but I can't remember exactly when the name was changed (it might have been OS X 10.2).


Adriaan van Os

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