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There is a program like the one you are looking for.
Its name is pasind and it works under dos, windows and unix.
It is open source software and it works pretty well.
I got the sources tarball along with a fairly complete HTML documentation some years ago and still use it.
I do not remember the site where I found it but you should be able to fetch it by searching on the net.



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I read in the to-do list than a planned feature is a indent-like source code formatter for Pascal. I have three questions:

1. Is anybody who is doing this job? I saw something like this here:
but it seems to be unfinished, and it seems to be very long time ago (in 2000).
2. What are the multi-styles for this (in the c indent program called indent, I know that there are a lot of styles: k&r, gnu, berkeleyetc...)
3. How can i contribute to GPC? I haven't tryed to contribute to GNU software yet.

I wrote a pascal indent (with some modes, (unix/dos) and with output file), but it has only one mode (yet).


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