gpc and gcc-4.1.2

Martin Marques mmarques at
Sun Mar 16 13:37:08 CET 2008

Waldek Hebisch escribió:
> I see.  gpc-20060325 does not work with gcc-4.1.x.  To work with
> gcc-4.1.x one needs more changes than 4.0.3 patch (actually parts
> of this patch may be charmful for gcc-4.1.x).  To work with
> gcc-4.1.x you need the newest gpc version: gpc-20070904.  You can
> get it form:

Great, got it working, now some doubts that arised:

1) Why isn't the 20070904 version linked in the gpc page?
2) I have to add the --disable-multilib to make it compile. gpc doesn't
support multilib yet?

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