GPC support for AIX 6?

Peter Keenan peter.keenan at
Wed Oct 15 13:39:27 CEST 2008

> we're currently using IBM's xpc pascal compiler on IBM AIX 5.3.
> New machines are being shipped with AIX 6, and IBM's xpc is no longer
> supported there - for the time being, it actuall works (the xpc frontend
> generated intermediate code, and the second stage compiler still groks
> it).
> Management is not happy about this, as it might break any day, and I have 
> been asked to "provide GPC" on AIX 6.

Will a 64 bit GPC binary compiled on a previous version of AIX, e.g. 
5.3, not work on AIX 6? This might not be quite stable, like xpc, but 
would help keep things going until GPC can be built on AIX 6 and xpc may 
be been designed for a much earlier version.



Dr Peter Keenan
Management Information Systems
University College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland

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