Console apps

Andrew Ball aball at
Mon Sep 1 20:33:50 CEST 2008

Hello Harley,

    Assuming you're running this console app (a DOS binary?)
on MS Windows, the traditional solution is to create a
program information file (.PIF) for your application.

    I don't use MS Windows much, so I just borrowed my
wife's computer to try this.  The procedure seems to be as

  1) Right click on a blank part of the desktop.  From the
     menu that pops up, choose 'New' and then 'Shortcut'.

  2) In the resulting 'create shortcut' dialogue box, type
     the full path and filename of your DOS binary e.g.
     F:\Andy\FISHFACE.COM and click [Next].

  3) Give your shortcut a label (e.g. "Fishpaste") and click

  4) Choose an icon for your program and click [Finish].

  5) Right click on your new icon and choose 'Properties'.

  6) Click on the 'Screen' tab and then in the 'Usage'
     section click the 'Full-screen' radio button.

  7) Click [OK] and then test your new icon.  Hopefully your
     DOS binary now runs full screen on MS Windows.

I hope this helps.

- Andy Ball

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