Stupid Installation Question

John L. Ries jries at
Sun Apr 19 09:44:10 CEST 2009

How does one go about compiling and installing GPC under Linux in such a 
way as to not interfere with the GCC 4 one already has?  I've ended up 
installing and ripping out GPC on the Linux side on three different 
occasions (always Slackware) because I was no longer able to use GCC 4 
(as much as I hate C, it is useful to have a C compiler around for 
compiling free software).  Seems that the GCC 3 libraries GPC needs end 
up pre-empting the GCC 4 libraries.  If people need exact error 
messages, I can go ahead and redo the install, so I can remember what 
they are (it's been a while).

I did recently install that other free Pascal compiler, only to discover 
that it wouldn't compile my nearly completed project from 5 years ago 
(not even my Borland-style units), so I really would like to have GPC 
back on my Linux boxes without the hassle of changing distros.

BTW: As much as I appreciate Kevan Hashemi's making a pre-compiled Linux 
GPC binary available, my preference would be for a 64-bit build.

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