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Prof A Olowofoyeku (The African Chief) chief at
Thu Aug 13 10:53:09 CEST 2009

On 12 Aug 2009 at 10:31, Arsha wrote:

> Hi,
> I just downloaded Dev-Pas IDE bundled with GPC + MinGW, and
> having tried to compile successfully a few simple programs but I cannot
> compile the examples provided by package like "WinHello" program.

Which file did you download? What is your Windows version?

> Can someone instruct me how to build those programs?

Its all in the docs.

> P.S 1: When I open the "Windows Hello" project file and try to
> compile it I get the following error:
> Compile : "Error compiling resource file:
> E:/Dev-Pas/examples/WinHello/rsrc.o"
> Resource: "gcc: installation problem, cannot exec `cpp0': No such file
> or directory E:\Dev-Pas\bin\windres: preprocessing failed." Compile
> log: "Building resource file... E:\Dev-Pas\bin\windres  -i
> E:/Dev-Pas/examples/WinHello/rsrc.rc -o
> e:/dev-pas/examples/winhello/rsrc.o"

Shouldn't happen. Please post a copy of your devpas.ini

> P.S 2: What does mean that .jtp extension in the server page?

Don't know what this means.

> P.S 3: Any other "optimization" command in GPC not available directly
> from IDE?

Run "gpc -v --help" from the command line, and you will see all the 
available switches.

Best regards, The Chief
Prof. Abimbola A. Olowofoyeku (The African Chief) 

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