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Arsha a écrit :
> devpas.ini 
> Prof A Olowofoyeku (The African Chief)-2 wrote:
>> On 13 Aug 2009 at 9:57, Arsha wrote:
>>> Hello again!
>>> My problem partly resolved. Now I can build every example provided by
>>> Dev-Pas for use with GPC. But when I open the "Windows Hello project
>>> file" I get the same error again. Building the winhello.pp is not
>>> problematic; I can build the windows hello program successfully.  This
>>> makes me think that Dev-Pas IDE is not capable of compiling resource
>>> files into the project or am I wrong?
>> I am not sure how you've drawn this conclusion (which is wrong) from
>> your winhello problem. And I do not get any of these problems you are
>> describing.
>> It would help if you addressed the questions that I asked in my last
>> post.
>> Best regards, The Chief
>> --------
>> Prof. Abimbola A. Olowofoyeku (The African Chief)
>> web:
> Here I have uploaded a copy of devpas.ini. I want to embed "Multimedia.ico"
> file into the program file. 
> Whenever I open the project file, the IDE invokes windres.exe perhaps for
> compiling the resource file, but the program alerts me that "cpp0.exe"
> cannot be executed. So I must build the "*.pp" file without resources!

cpp0.exe was present in the same directory as cc1.exe (put there by the 
gcc compiler), up to gcc 3.2.3: it was c:\mingw\lib\gcc-lib\mingw32\3.2.3.
Starting with gcc 3.4.5 the organisation of the directories was changed: 
cc1.exe is in the directory C:\MinGW\libexec\gcc\mingw32\3.4.5 and 
cpp0.exe disappeared.
This is a gcc problem I am not familiar with, and I do not know whether 
it is possible to produce cpp0 by some option in compiling the gcc 
compiler, replace cpp0.exe by something like cpp.exe (which exists in 
c:\mingw\bin) with some option, or to change  altogether the program 
which calls cpp0.exe

Anybody here more familiar with C ?


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