Unable to print

Contestcen at aol.com Contestcen at aol.com
Mon Dec 21 08:24:55 CET 2009

I am using FPC 2.2.4 for i386.

From: Marco van de Voort  

On 2009-12-17, SirJohn  <contestcen at aol.com> wrote:
> I just moved to Windows 7, which means  that I now connect to my
> printer via a USB port instead of a serial  port.  In those FPC
> programs which use the printer I changed  InitPrinter('LPT1') to
> InitPrinter('USB001')  however, everything I  print is now going to a
> disk file named USB001 instead of to the  printer.  What else do I need
> to get this working?

Which FPC  are you using on windows 7? Could be one of the following three
editions:  go32v2/win32/win64 ?

Note that go32v2(dos) is not supported/recommended  on NT based windowses

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