[Commit] gdb/pascal language 2 or 4 byte char support in strings

Jonas Maebe jonas.maebe at elis.ugent.be
Tue Feb 10 15:31:55 CET 2009

On 10 Feb 2009, at 01:15, Pierre Muller wrote:

>  I committed the patch below to add
> support for fixed width chars
> greater than 1 for pascal language.
>  This works nicely for Free Pascal,
> I couldn't test it for GPC
> because I didn't find out if those kind of
> char are supported...

Hi Pierre,

A while ago I wrote a similar patch. I didn't submit it yet because I  
didn't find time to write explanations why I did everything and on  
writing test cases for all changes.

Anyway, it's in attachment (it's against the p-*.c files before your  
patch though). Some comments:
* pascal-dwarf-char.patch:
This one is independent from and complementary to your patch : it  
properly sets the TYPE_CODE DW_ATE_signed_char/DW_ATE_unsigned_char to  
TYPE_CODE_CHAR in case of Pascal (rather than only for Ada and Modula-2)

* pascalchar.patch:
a) I removed all situations in the Pascal string handling where  
"TYPE_CODE (elttype) == TYPE_CODE_INT" is interpreted as a character.  
I don't know the original reason for having it there though, but maybe  
it was because of the lack of a)? At least the stabs debug info of  
both FPC and GPC results in a char (negative type number -2, as  
mentioned at http://sourceware.org/gdb/current/onlinedocs/stabs_5.html#SEC35) 
, which gdb turns into a TYPE_CODE_CHAR. I don't know about GPC and  
Dwarf, but FPC and Dwarf results in DW_ATE_unsigned_char. The main  
problem with considering TYPE_CODE_INT as characters is that arrays of  
bytes (and now presumably also of words and cardinals) are printed as  
character arrays, which is quite annoying.
b) my changes to p-lang.c were basically a copy/paste if all changes  
in the C version of print_string to support characters of different  

I noticed that I did miss this change you did to p-valprint.c in your  

-		       (valaddr + embedded_offset)[temp_len]
+		       extract_unsigned_integer (valaddr + embedded_offset +
+						 temp_len * eltlen, eltlen)

The patches are against the gdb archer branch, but applied cleanly  
against trunk gdb cvs when I tried it last month. Sorry for not  
informing you earlier about this patch.

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