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> Hello,
> I am trying to compile an old pascal code with gpc. There was a problem 
> with the autolinker, symbols collided between ncurses and grx (I think) 
> ,so I removed it and build a command line manually in a makefile. I 
> turned off the graphics and everything worked fine, it compiled linked 
> and produced the desired output. Now I am trying to turn the graphics on 
> again. 

I had the same problem long time ago.
The only conflict was with the functions getmaxx and getmaxy of the bgi 
subsystem, which you do not use.
So either compile grx without bgi support (there is an option in makedefs.grx)
or apply the attached patch to grx248s which solves more cleanly the problem by 
repacing getmaxx, getmaxy by getmaxX, getmaxY in grx/bgi (at the C and linker 
levels, pascal is case insensitive).
You can then compile everything cleanly as usual with automake.


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