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Sorry for the late reply. I just want to put forward the idea of using
openSUSE build service. I have not tried it myself, so I cannot offer any
experience. This it what they say about the service:

The openSUSE Build Service is the only service that allows developers to
package software for all major Linux
The service provides software developers with a convenient and easy to use
tool to create and release open source software for openSUSE and other Linux
different hardware architectures and for a broad user audience.


2009/1/26 Kevan Hashemi <hashemi at>

> Dear GPC,
> Here is a page I have put up for my users, describing how to install GPC on
> their various platforms. For MacOS I link to Adriaan's page. For Windows
> Cigwyn and Mingw I link to The Chief's pages. For Linux I provide a with-gcc
> binary as a first option, and the sources and various utilities as a second
> option.
> I'm hoping that 75% of Linux users can download my binary and run it
> without library conflicts. The remaining 25% can install the compiler
> themselves. With the additional instructions on my page, I'm hoping it will
> take people no more than an hour to make their way through the compile
> procedure for the first time.
> I also have a page describing how to link libraries from various languages
> together:
> I'm now satisfied that my users have no cause to complain about GPC
> installation or linking between my libraries and theirs.
> Thanks for your help,
> Kevan
> --
> Kevan Hashemi, Electrical Engineer
> Physics Department, Brandeis University
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