makefile problems

Martin Kalbfuß ma.kalbfuss at
Thu Sep 3 21:46:13 CEST 2009


I'm very frustrated. I'm not able to get a working makefile for my project.

It has the following directory tree:

    |    |_pallegro.pas
    |    |_display.pas
    |    |_keyboard.pas
    |    |_altime.pas
    |    |_define.c
    |    |_keytypes.def

pallegro.pas depends on everything
keyboard.pas depends on display.pas, define.c and keytypes.def
display.pas depends on define.c
altime.pas depends on define.c
define.c depends on nothing
keytypes.def depends on nothing

I'm not able to create a makefile. Especially the placement in the src directory produces problems. I get dependency problems all the time.

Could someone show me a basic makefile? I don't know how to proceed. :-(
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