makefile problems

Martin Kalbfuß ma.kalbfuss at
Fri Sep 4 12:24:38 CEST 2009


unit path is the option I was looking for. I have a C background. But I
forgot to mention that this is a library. So there's no main file. And
the C part is needed to make some C macros and defines visible. It's a
wrapper for the brand new allegro library. The keytypes are a long list
of key names needed in two places. I decided to separate and include
it. .I'm aware of --automake, and It makes the process much easier. But
it's far to weak to replace a Makefile.

Maybe some of the following things are wrong(hopefully):

- no install target
- no clean target
- no support for building documentation
- no dependency checking. (In my case allegro-4.9 for the examples)

What's the way to go, when you like to release a library?
For C I would use autotools and pkg-config. And I think It would be nice
if there are going to be some macros for the use with autotools
like an AC_PROG_CC equivalent AC_PROG_GPC which checks for the gpc

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