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Oops, replied to private e-mail instead!

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Hi, just a few warnings from me.   ;-)

On 4/19/10, Adriaan van Os <gpc at microbizz.nl> wrote:
> The Free Software Foundation and the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC)
> development team have released GCC 4.5.0.

Clang is also self-hosting now, and ClangBSD can bootstrap (currently
in testing but seems to basically work, from what I hear).

> The developers have measured performance improvements of 5% to 10%
> on high-performance computing benchmarks. (Of course, results vary
> depending on choice of CPU, benchmark, and optimization options.)

In my (horribly lame) experience, I saw some bad regressions with
4.4.2 vs. earlier GCCs. Granted, it was just one really weird case,
but still, it makes me think even moreso that GCC is only 686-tuned
these days. (I was trying to benchmark something on my old old 586.)
It worries me a bit since I just assumed 4.x was always way better.
(Note that I never bothered to isolate the problem just yet, it wasn't
crucial or anything, just really odd. And it was a C program, not

> GCC 4.5.0 is now capable of "link-time optimization".

Only using an ELF container (although non-ELF targets can somehow
possibly use it too, allegedly). Hopefully not as exclusive as Gold
linker (x86/x86-64 ELF only). I do really feel like all the world's a
Linux these days.   :-/

> GCC also generates better debug information for optimized code,
> including information about the value of variables that have been optimized
> away.

In other words, you need GDB 7+ by default (else have to choose an
older Dwarf debug format via --dwarf-2 or whatever).

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