CWSDPMI r7 - 4GB support (Beta Test)

Rugxulo rugxulo at
Thu Jan 14 01:44:25 CET 2010

Charles Sandmann writes:

"I would like to announce the beta for CWSDPMI release 7.

The purpose of this release is to allow high performance access to
large amounts of physical memory (up to 4GB).  Memory above 32-bit
address space (common on machines over 3GB physical memory) will be
mapped to fill the address hole to provide a full 4GB memory.  4MB
pages will be automatically used for large memory requests.  Release 7
also includes the bug fixes included in the release 5 2008 refresh,
and improved 4MB page support included in the never completed r6.

Current DJGPP releases support large memory allocation requests and
with CWSDPMI release 7 allow a contiguous memory block over 4091MB.
This CWSDPMI release is dedicated to those few dozen people who want
to prove their 4GB+ computers can actually run 4GB 32-bit

For those who need more than 4GB, I'll provide some code that allows
you to map 5GB+ memory (up to 64GB) into the address space on request.
The next release will probably be when I get several people bugging me
that 64GB isn't enough under DOS :-)

Binary Distribution:
Source Distribution:

Please send me any comments or bug reports.
Have fun, and thanks for testing !"

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