Quo vadis, GPC?

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Well spoken.

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On Fri, 30 Jul 2010, Prof. Harley Flanders wrote:

> Windows XP is the most popular operating system. The Windows family counts
> for almost 90%:
> You would think from the amount of ink flowing here about Linux that it
> must
> be 10 times as popular as it actually is.  Note that Windows consistently
> scores about 88-89%.
That would be the nature of this list.  GNU Pascal is part of the GNU 
project, which has always been UNIX oriented.  One would also expect to 
find in any GNU related project a large number of people who are 
philosophically committed to free software, which will tend to bias people 
in favor of Linux, which is the single most important free (FSF 
definition) operating system.  Also, the GNU project has done a very good 
job, over the years, of writing highly portable software, which is of 
benefit to all computer users, regardless of the platform 
(architecture+OS) on which they work (even, IMHO, Windows).  GPC has done 
a very good job of maintaining platform independence, which is a very good 
thing that I hope will continue.  I particularly appreciate this aspect, 
of GPC, as I routinely develop for multiple platforms and have for nearly 
all of my professional career.

I should note that while I don't agree with RMS and his followers that 
free software is a moral imperative, I greatly respect those who believe 
that strongly enough to act on it by developing high quality software 
available to anyone who wants to use it, even though they know they'll 
never get rich doing it.  At the very least, they should be thanked for 
opening up a software market that had become largely noncompetitive.

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