GPC with gcc-4.[23]

Maurice Lombardi Maurice.Lombardi at
Fri Jul 1 14:49:33 CEST 2011

Le 26/06/2011 22:50, Adriaan van Os a écrit :
> Waldek Hebisch wrote:
>> Known problems:
> I think another problems is that no files get installed into the doc
> folder.
same with djgpp

> 1. It looks like the snapshot is incompatible with bison-2.5
d° with djgpp bison 2.4.1. I reverted to bison 2.3

In addition the file gpc-in-c.h
is not installed into the directory
In fact looking to the logs, it is installed, but deleted afterwards 
during the installation of gcc, which deletes the whole "include" 
directory before installing it.
I correct manually, but I do not know how to revert the order of 
installations of gcc and gpc.


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