GPC with gcc-4.[23]

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Sat Jul 23 17:37:19 CEST 2011

Le 01/07/2011 14:17, Maurice Lombardi a écrit :
> Le 13/06/2011 20:48, Waldek Hebisch a écrit :
>> I did some work on updating gpc to newer gcc versions. You can
>> find it at GitHub:
>> This is experimental work. 4.2 and 4.3 ports (on "master" Git branch)
> Native building of the gpc compiler with 4.23 backend for DJGPP 2.04 /
> winXP works well,

Similarly native building with the "current" DJGPP 2.03r2 on a Win98 
machine  works even better with the following results for the 5000+ test 
Test Run By dosuser on 2011-07-18 23:08:25
Native configuration is djgpp (KNAUTIE)

                 === gpc tests ===

Running target any
Running testsuite ...

FAIL: fjf1102.pas
UNSUPPORTED: fjf165a.pas
FAIL: fjf403b.pas
FAIL: fjf563e.pas
UNSUPPORTED: longr2.pas
FAIL: y2k.pas

                 === gpc Summary ===

# of tests                5111
# of expected passes      5105
# of unexpected failures  4
# of unsupported tests    2

c:/djgpp/gnu/build.gcc/gcc/xgpc version 20070904, based on gcc-4.2.3

I had to tweak two things to succeed:

- install old gcc 2.95.3 compiler to recompile stubify.exe with 1024k 
default stack size, as recommended by Andris.

- the latest bash bsh204br3 had a bug (not present in older bsh204b): it 
failed to delete temporary files in the TMPDIR directory with an EACCES 
error message, when bash uses a pipe | (which is used silently many 
times during a make). The compilation continued nevertheless, but it 
made the very long bootstrapped compilation of gpc to fail before the end.
When running bash under gdb 7.2, I found that bash used bison.simple, 
which is no more present in modern bison (I had bison 2.3 installed when 
recompiling bsh204sr3 with debug information conserved), probably 
somewhat emulated now. Installing the old bison 1.28 which had a genuine 
bison.simple, I recompiled bsh204br3 from sources and the bug 
disappeared, enabling seamless compilation of gpc.
May be others have not noticed that because they use more modern OSes 
than Win98. In that case it would be better to upload to djgpp a 
modified bsh204br3


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