GPC with gcc-4.[23]

Adriaan van Os gpc at
Tue Jun 21 10:35:43 CEST 2011

Waldek Hebisch wrote:

> If you want to try the code note that there are changes to build
> process, look at toplevel README file.

> Known problems:
> 1) with gcc-4.y.z testsuite will fail if run immediately after build.
> Either install before running testsuite or copy 'libgpc.a' from libgpc
> build directory to gcc subdirectory and copy from libgpc
> build directory to gcc/p/rts subdirectory (you need to create rts
> subdirectiry)
> 2) I did not try to build shared libgpc -- it is probably broken.
> You would need to fix Makefiles to build it.
> 3) -Wparenthesis does not work with gcc-4.3.z
> 4) Utilities (binobj and gpidump) are not build with gcc-4.y.z

I tried to build the shared libgpc on i386-apple-darwin9 and it doesn't appear to be broken there. 
Note the changed Pascal rts location in the gcc source tree.

[P18:~/gpc/gpc435u1] adriaan% cd build/i386-apple-darwin9/libgpc/p/rts
[P18:libgpc/p/rts] adriaan% make GPCSOLIBNAME=libgpc-435u1.dylib WITH_SHARED=yes TARGET_MACHO=1
[P18:libgpc/p/rts] adriaan% ls -l *dylib
-rwxr-xr-x  1 adriaan  admin  223228 21 jun 10:22 libgpc-435u1.dylib

My first impression is that the gcc-4.3.5 back-end on Mac OS X is a big improvement, because the 
default debug format is now dwarf-2 instead of stabs. I will also try out 64-bit.


Adriaan van Os

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