Windows install

Jay Michael jmichael_ll at
Sun Jul 15 08:08:57 CEST 2012

     Where is the source corresponding to GPC 20070904?

     Where should I find the .gpi files for supplied units (like
unit GPC)?

     If I install a binary distribution for Windows, is there a
follow-up step that must be performed manually?  (like compiling

     Where would I find documentation of the entry points provided
by unit GPC?

     I downloaded and installed dev_gnu_pascal-
     I started with mingw-get-inst-20120426.exe -- It downloaded
and installed whatever it wanted.

     From the size of dev_gnu_pascal- I had assumed
it included the source of GPC, but I haven't been able to find it.

     In, there is no gcc-core-3.4.5,
and there is no gpc-20070904.

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