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Le 17/07/2012 05:53, Jay Michael a écrit :
>       If I want to compile "build_units.pas" from the command line,
> what will cause "gpc" to put each .gpi file in the same directory
> as the corresponding source file?  How will "gpc" even find the
> source files that are not in my current default directory?
>       I've been running gpc by specifying the path to the executable
> (rather than by updating my environment PATH).  I found that even
> when I specified enough switches to get it to look somewhere else
> for include files and .gpi files, all new .gpi and .o files were
> deposited in my current default directory.  (That happened to be
> exactly what I wanted -- I didn't want to foul the distribution
> directories with my experiments.)

from the manual gpc.pdf in the directory dev_gpc/info
in the section 5.1 GPC options besides those of GCC

Search the given directories for units and object files.
Search the given directories for object files.
Place compiled units (GPI and object files) into the directory dir. The 
default is the current directory.
Place compiled object files (e.g., from C files, but not from Pascal
units) into the directory dir. The default is the directory given with
Place the executable compiled into the directory dir. The default is the 
main source file’s directory.

You probably should have a look to this manual


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