GPC compiler crash

Adriaan van Os gpc at
Mon Feb 18 08:29:25 CET 2013

Thomas Schneider wrote:

> When I set it to 2003001 it compiles but gives a segmention fault even
> though it's global.  Maybe there's a limitation to allocating that
> way?

In a 32-bit process, an application can linearly address no more than typically 2 GB, even if the 
computer has more RAM. As a 64-bit operating system, Mac OS X can run 32-bit and 64-bit proceses. A 
64-bit process can linearly address 2^63 bytes, but your program is 32-bit as it was compiled as 
such. With regard to a compiler capable of compiling 64-bit applications, see my message to this 
list of 23-06-2011 21:24.


Adriaan van Os

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