GPC compiler crash

Prof A Olowofoyeku (The African Chief) chief at
Tue Feb 19 10:30:29 CET 2013

On 18 Feb 2013 at 22:18, Thomas Schneider wrote:

> Garth:
> > Just to clarify the differences a bit.
> Thanks for the explanation.  I knew about val/var but wasn't so clear
> about the heap/stack allocation.  I didn't know that global varibles go
> on the heap but did know that calling a procedure caused allocation of
> locals to the stack.
> So I was making a huge allocation on the stack.  That's fixed now by
> using a global.  I'm somewhat unclear why the compiler crashed though. I
> would have thought that if it ran out of stack it would give a warning. 
> But the odd thing is that when the program is being compiled it's not
> even using the stack yet of course ...

The compiler crash is a different issue from the program crash. There 
compiler should not crash - in other words, it is a bug. Unfortunately, 
it is a bug that seems unreproduceable elsewhere, and I am not sure 
where that leaves us ...

Best regards, The Chief
Prof. Abimbola A. Olowofoyeku (The African Chief) 

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