both too many and too few arguments

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Wed Dec 17 10:38:27 CET 2014

  Hi !

  In my opinion, it does not matter too much that those two messages are contradictory and even meaningless. What really matters is the line number. Maybe, a better error message should be :

jsm6.pas:7:error: something is wrong here.

Le 16 déc. 2014 à 03:10, Jay Michael a écrit :

> GNU Pascal version 20070904, based on gcc-3.4.5 (mingw special).
>> gpc jsm6.pas 
> jsm6.pas: In main program:
> jsm6.pas:7: error: too many (>1) arguments to routine `noargproc'
> jsm6.pas:5: error:  routine declaration
> jsm6.pas:7: error: too few (1) arguments to function `noargproc'
>     I defined a procedure with no arguments.  When I called it with two arguments, I got error messages saying both "too many" and "too few" arguments.
>     What is the significance of the "1" in "too many (>1) arguments" and in "too few (1) arguments"?
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