finding recipe for x86_64 or x86 or Cygwin or MingW or whatever will

Kevan Hashemi hashemi at
Tue Jan 20 05:09:03 CET 2015

 > I am not aware of any person
> that build GNU Pascal on Windows in 64-bit mode. 

I tried, but failed. I needed substantial help from Dave Bryan just to 
get the 32-bit compile to work. So, on Windows 64-bit machines I use the 
32-bit MinGW, and that's fine.

The 64-bit MinGW seems to be a significant diversion from the 32-bit, 
but in theory the compile is of course possible. I have a student this 
summer who I will apply to the project, but it may be too much for him. 
In the long run, I'm hoping to have one of my people figure out how to 
compile GPC with a newer version of GCC, which I think will make the 
64-bit compile easier. I understand that this update would require a lot 
of work, but I don't have any clear idea of what the work is. So my 
first step will be to have my summer student figure out what has to be done.

Yours, Kevan

Kevan Hashemi, Electrical Engineer
Physics Department, Brandeis University

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