compiling gpc on Mac OS 10.10.5 Yosemite

Peter peter at
Sat Nov 21 14:05:21 CET 2015

Hi Tom,

I don't know whether anyone has ever built GPC with Clang before.

I was going to suggest trying to built stock GCC 3.4.6 first, because
the problems building GPC are generally always to do with the GCC steps.
However, my very first Google hit searhing for 'sdk xcode gcc' turned up

Comments there include
"Many components were removed in recent versions of Xcode..."

and most important maybe
"GCC 4.0, GCC 4.2 and LLVM GCC 4.2 cannot compile for OS X 10.10 or newer."

It looks as though support for vintage GCC compilers is just not there
in 10.10. Probably only options are to downgrade OS X, or use a Linux
box or Windows/MinGW.


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