GPC compile on Mac OS X 10.10.5?

Schneider schneidt at
Wed Jan 27 20:11:59 CET 2016


> What was wrong with getting a p2c translation (just curious). You
> only have to do the translation once, then you code in C after that.

I'm used to programming in Pascal, not C.  Also, it's safer because of
the type checking.  If I switched I could never go back.

> I used p2c (I assume we are talking about the same one). Its a very
> picky tool that crashes when you look at it funny, but I was able to
> get satisfactory results.

You are right about looking at it funny!  One kind of bug(?) is that
it changes how it handles i/o for the input file in the middle of the
code.  I haven't determined why but fortunately it's a rare problem.


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