Can I Install GPC on MacOS10.12?

Kevan Hashemi hashemi at
Tue Jul 25 14:29:31 CEST 2017

Hello Again,

I have a partial answer to my own question. The compiler installed from 
Adriaan's 10.6 installer launches and runs on MacOS 10.12. It produces 
text file assembly code with the -S option. But the assembler it calls 
is the default "/usr/bin/as", which is Intel 64-bit. When we install 
command-line utilities on MacOS 10.12 (which is initiated when you first 
try to run "gcc", so far as I can tell), we get these:


I used gpc to create assembler files, then assembled these with the i386 
assembler to get object code that I later linked with gcc into a dynamic 
library with the MaOS10.6 SDK and the GPC libraries. So I can generate 
the dynamic library my main application requires. But I have not yet 
figured out how to compile a stand-alone executable "hello world" 
program from a pascal source file.

Is there a way to pass into GPC the path of the assembler it should use? 
I am splitting the compile and assembly and link into three steps, and 
somewhere in there, I'm losing the definition of the "main" function 
required by the linker for the stand-alone executable.

Yours, Kevan

Kevan Hashemi wrote:
> Greetings,
> I updated my MacOS 10.7.5 machine to 10.12.6. My gpc installation is
> still on my hard drive. I'm trying to get it to work. No luck so
> far. I know that Gale and others have listed what needs to be fixed
> in order to compile GPC on MacOS 10.12. Is it possible to install and
> run Adriaan's 10.6 binaries on 10.12?
> Yours, Kevan

Kevan Hashemi, Electrical Engineer
Physics Department, Brandeis University

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