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Mmm, I should add a PS: I align with the FPC group in that I like writing backends,
so don't think LLVM would stop me from writing them in any case.
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 So much for the second coming of Unicode, eh? [1]
[1] to get this joke, you have to be both old and have studied documents that were
old when you are young, ie., about the 1960's. Hint: Unicode (the character set)
stole the name of something else...
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On 02/11/2020 21:32, scott andrew franco wrote:
 > For the GPC authors
 > So this could be considered either a proposal or a question, your choice.
 > Recently, for various reasons I have been studying the LLVM project
 > (mainly because I am
 > now forced to use LLVM on the Mac OS X). As I am sure you know, LLVM is
 > becoming
 > popular as a backend. For example, I believe FPC now uses it.
 FPC supports it as an optional backend, and it will always be optional
 for the reasons outlined in
 > An interesting thing about LLVM is that they bent over backwards to make
 > sure it was as
 > compatible as possible with previous GCC methods, components and
 > front-ends, with
 > an eye to making it easy to port existing front ends to LLVM.
 I'm only aware of the the DragonEgg project
 ( in the context, but that one hasn't been
 updated since LLVM 3.3 (June 2013). I'm not aware of it being easy in
 any way to port GCC frontents to LLVM.
 There was llvm-gcc before that, but that was even more of a pain to
 maintain afaik.
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